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In 2019, many people no longer need to be explained why Bitcoin is something to take into account, especially in the world of online gambling. For years betting sites used to be supporting fiat currencies like American dollars, British pounds, euros as the only means of depositing user accounts and withdrawing their winnings. All this was done through banks and traditional payment systems, often associated with high commissions, long waiting periods, and a number of other inconveniences.

At first, established online casinos were ignoring cryptocurrency, and it was small start-ups that tried to become the first Bitcoin betting sites. Later on, more and more people recognized the advantages virtual money created to get away from traditional banking and governmental control. Now, few leading online casinos do not support at least one cryptocurrency, and usually, you will find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other options available.

The Benefits of Betting with Bitcoin

The list of Bitcoin advantages is longer than what we have already mentioned, and, thankfully, the list of bitcoin sport betting sites and online casinos grows ever longer. No wonder – transactions on the blockchain are not controlled by any government and are completely anonymous. This also leads to a simple registration process on betting sites. And while some of them require all the usual information and point out the need for verification, those crypto casinos that don’t can be easily found. There, all you’ll have to provide are your Bitcoin wallet and email address.

Once signed in, gamblers get to experience another perk available with cryptocurrency which is close-to-instant transactions, both for deposits and withdrawals. This is something old betting sites could not offer their visitors.

Sports bettors can use Bitcoin and altcoins to their benefit by practicing no-risk matched betting. We explain this method in another article, but it all comes down to placing two opposite bets in order to get the special offers. The latter ones are often used by many crypto casinos for attracting new players, making this method easy-to-use.

If you think gambling with Bitcoin already looks too good to be true, here’s more great news: due to using Bitcoin, sports betting sites offer much more competitive odds than fiat money-only sportsbooks. This definite advantage became possible because of the incredibly low transaction fees on cryptocurrency.

Choosing a Trustworthy Betting Site

Now that we’ve established that crypto casinos are the ones to play at, how do you find the most reliable and rewarding betting sites? This does not seem like an easy feat considering the ever-expanding universe of online gambling. There are a lot of very mediocre gambling portals, and perhaps even more outright scam sites. Obviously, those are not the options people come to Bitcoin gambling for.

To navigate through the torrent of all kinds of betting sites, one could use a list with short information on the top BTC casinos. You can find such a list on our site, and each position will have its own review, which focuses on the casino’s or the sportsbook’s strong and weak sides. Mbit betting review, Sportsbet review, Nitrogen Sports review, as well as many others that we have prepared for you, are at your service.

Unlike some other review portal you can come across, our list contains not only the most popular BTC gambling sites you might have heard about anyway but also small and new crypto casinos. Because they are built on the blockchain, they are reliable as any, and supporting them helps to realize the full potential this technology has for gambling.

The Bottom Line

Long story short, Bitcoin is the present and the future of online gambling. No progressive sports betting sites ignore it anymore, and its advantages over fiat money and traditional casinos are obvious. Anonymity, increased security, fast and safe transactions – what more can gamblers ask for? Fair gambling, low commission fees, competitive odds – that’s what. And using the blockchain technology made all this possible. Don’t miss out and see which Bitcoin betting sites suit your liking the most!

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