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BTC casinos with no deposit

The number of online gambling services and players increases daily with incredible speed. This is, of course, the main reason for competition between the services. Every site uses all possible means to attract players and keep them on the site for the longer possible time. Thus, they improve their support service, introduce new payment methods, add new games and offer lots of bonuses. One of the most attractive options for online casino users is the ability to deposit Bitcoin and then withdraw it.

BTC is the most widely spread cryptocurrency which continues growing and is getting more popular. The name is composed of two items: “bit”+“coin” and thus can be translated literally as “virtual money”.

The unit forming Bitcoin is called Satoshi. There are 100 mln Satoshi in one BTC. Satoshi is the name of one of the creators of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin casinos have recently become very popular. Some of them do not require deposits. These are no deposit casinos.

BTC casinos offering no deposit bonuses

It’s been proven that most casinos offer generous bonuses to their customers and provide them with free rewards without even asking them to make the first deposit. Such bonuses are offered to the player right after signing up to the site.

Such offers give you a real opportunity to win your prizes without investing a penny.

Variations of no deposit bonuses for new Bitcoin casino members

  • Bonus for a new player available after registration. It’s a handy instrument which is aimed to encourage a customer to create an account. This means that they get a set of free spins and money to test the casino site. In some situations, the user will be asked to enter a promo code for getting the bonus or to prove their identity.
  • Bonuses for new and existing members inspired by promotions. Most bonuses are represented with free spins to promote new products. When a new slot is released, it is a good opportunity to make such promotions in order to attract players.
  • Bonuses for existing active players and VIP members of the casino. The best example of such bonus type is a birthday gift or a level-up reward.

No deposit bonus offers may be presented to casino users as free spins, real money, and cryptocurrency.

Free spins and real money bonuses are a classic and old-fashioned way of rewarding a player. The last one needs more explanation.

BTC casinos offering free bonuses after signing up

The rare type of the offer is a no deposit bonus represented by BTC and other cryptocurrencies, such as LTC, DOGE, ETH and many others.

No deposit registration bonuses in online casinos in Bitcoins do not differ from traditional casino bonuses. They are transferred to the account right after registration and are available for making bets in various games.

The ordinary no deposit bonus in crypto casinos vary from 0.25 to 250 mBTC.

Bonus codes at crypto casinos.

In some casinos, it is possible to get free spins or money bonuses after entering promo codes into a special field on the site. The purpose of this procedure is to determine the amount of bonus and type of reward for the user. It is necessary to specify the code during registration in the corresponding field. Thus, the bonus will be transferred to the user’s account.

How to keep your bonus and withdraw your winnings

If you want to keep and then transfer what you’ve won to your BTC purse, you will need to follow wagering instructions and obey some rules. Every gambling service has its own wagering requirement. Most of the time the wager rate is about 30 – 45. It means that in order to get your money after earning, for example, 100 mBTC as a bonus, you have to bet on 3 BTC on the condition that the wager rate is 30.

Nowadays, some casinos claim to offer bonuses with no wagering requirements.

Main rules of no deposit Bitcoin casinos

Except for wagering requirements, online casinos have elaborated some other rules in terms of welcome bonuses for newly registered users. The most common requirements set by BTC gambling services are listed below.

  • Strict requirements for withdrawals
  • Limited in time. This means that you will have to use your bonus spins or coins not later than 7 days after creating the user account. Additionally, you need to fulfill the wagering requirements not later than 3 days after.
  • One user means one bonus. They are available only for one account registered with one IP-address, email address etc.
  • As a rule, players have to top up their account in order not to lose the money they won with bonuses.
  • Bonus money and spins that you get after creating your account can be used only in a selection of games, mentioned in the site rules. Free spins can be used only in certain slot games, free money can be used in some other games.

These are only the most common and general rules presented on most of the gambling sites that offer welcome bonuses. Some details may vary from one site to another, but the basic requirements are more or less the same. The player has to comply with all the rules in order to be able to withdraw the winnings. All the requirements need to be taken seriously and no cheating is accepted.

Benefits and disadvantages of welcome no deposit bonuses in crypto casinos

Although these offers are free of charge, they have certain advantages and disadvantages for the user. Usually, all the things you are getting for free are not as attractive as they may seem.


  • It’s not necessary to top up your account. In this case, you can play in online casinos without having to risk your money on betting.
  • You can check how the casino works and test the games presented here. If there is something you don’t like about the site, you can leave without any regrets. If everything seems fine, just continue playing with your own money and make a real profit.
  • You still can withdraw your money by complying with the site requirements. Thus, no deposit bonuses in crypto casinos still seem to be an attractive opportunity.


  • Winnings are limited. For example, while using your bonus money and free spins, you get the chance to win a certain amount of cash. But in the end, you realize that you only can get 20% of all the amount. Not fun at all.
  • So, you’ve decided to get your 20% at any price. And here come the wagering requirements you have to comply with. They will ask you to wager your bonus from 30 to 45 times. This number is different depending on the site and its rules, read them attentively.
  • After all the necessary requirements seem to be fulfilled, they will ask you to do another thing. Usually, you have to make a deposit so that the site can check your identity and choose the way of withdrawal. So prepare to put some money as a deposit if you wish to collect your winnings later on.

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