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Bitcoin Keno Review & Rating

Keno, an easy-to-play number-drawing game, has been putting the smiles on the faces and money in the pockets of gamblers for many years. Today it can be played in person or online, and Bitcoin casinos are playing too!

Play it safe or risk it all, no matter your strategy you can be sure that Bitcoin will help you thanks to how anonymous, fair and easy it is. Below you can find information about Bitcoin Keno online, and the benefits of using cryptocurrencies to gamble.

Use Bitcoin to play Keno

If you are mad about Keno, here is a list of Bitcoin casinos which give you the chance to play.


Bitcoin Keno Licensed Games

Many Keno games are available through the CoinGaming platform, which houses many games. Four Keno games are available at sites powered by CoinGaming, together with live-dealer lottery games: Instant Keno, with 40-ball and 80-ball games, Traditional Keno, and Klub Keno.

Instant Keno 

An 80-ball game with simple and fun animations. Choose up to eight numbers then select the coins and number of rounds. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will notice the odds and payouts change while more balls are added. Hit the PLAY button, and the balls emerge from a tube at the grid’s base and, in an arc, go towards their number. A 40-ball version of the game exists, with smaller odds due to the higher probability of finding a number.

Traditional Keno 

Another 80-ball game, users choose their numbers, coin size and rounds. If you match a number, it’s highlighted with a red circle.

Klub Keno 

This is a 40-ball game which contains paint-splatter effects. Bets can be as tiny as one-fiftieth of a millibitcoin. A gambler can also play the ‘Star Ball’ which doubles your payout when hit. Using the buttons on the bottom of the screen, a player can enjoy ten rounds at any one time.

Live dealer lottery games are fairly similar to, but not identical to, Keno. Choose from 49 numbers drawn from a lotto machine. If you correctly predict five or six numbers (it varies game to game), you can win big, and smaller rewards are given for matching fewer numbers.

Fair Bitcoin Keno Games

The second category of Bitcoin Keno games uses technology that is fair and proper. They are easier to play than those in physical casinos when it comes to both gameplay and graphics. Players combine a server string with a random computer-generated number drawn after each draw. You can be sure the game is not rigged, even if the graphics are a little rudimentary.

Benefits of Bitcoin Keno

Playing Keno might not give you the same choice of games as in more traditional casinos, but you can grab a lot of advantages, such as playing anonymously. You will not need to verify your location or identity or provide any personal information when you sign up. All the site asks of you is an email address to confirm your registration at a Bitcoin casino.

If you need more convincing, what about the fact that when you use Bitcoin you will incur no charges for withdrawing or paying money. This is useful for American users of the casino because when you use credit cards the fees are up to 5% of the initial sum. Without paying these sorts of fees, Bitcoin casinos offer better terms to those who play games there, and many establishments pass on these savings through excellent reload bonuses.

Finally, Bitcoin casinos are the only place to prove how fair casino games are. The house doesn’t always win.

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