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Bitcoin Lotteries

The gambling industry is a very interesting phenomenon, as it manages to evolve using the new technologies without the older forms seemingly losing any popularity. That is why when online casinos started gaining numerous followers that did not mean the end of brick-and-mortar casinos. And when cryptocurrencies caught on, many sites actually managed to benefit from it and incorporate the blockchain technology into existing games. There are also ventures that operate using only digital money, like Bitcoin lotteries. Yet, despite their apparent popularity, neither the UK lottery, the Irish lottery, nor any other real-world lotteries canceled their regular draws.

And if you think about it, that is actually a great thing. You can still buy tickets and play the National lottery for a chance of winning lots of cash, yet no one is stopping you from getting acclimatized in the world of Bitcoin gambling. There are many reasons to do so, and we would like to show you around and tell about all the great features and opportunities.

How Bitcoin Lotteries Operate

If you have any experience of buying a ticket and waiting for the announcement of the lucky numbers, there is not really anything new to learn when playing a Bitcoin lottery. The only difference is that you need to have a Bitcoin wallet you will use to buy an entry ticket. Well, some sites might let you do it using fiat money, but whatever you win, you will receive it in Bitcoin.

There are many types of games you can play that have the jackpot in cryptocurrency, and most of the time, they will not have any different rules than their traditional analogs. So, whether it’s Bitcoin Lotto, Bitcoin Bingo, Crypto Keno, or any other game that relies on drawing balls with numbers on them, you won’t need more than a few minutes to understand how everything goes, even if you have not played any of them before.

Positive Features of Bitcoin Lotteries

Simple rules are far from the only good thing about Bitcoin lotteries. This is something any traditional or online lottery has, be it Sun Bingo or Delaware Sports Lottery, and that is what made them attractive in the first place. But their crypto counterparts bring even more to the table, besides the most obvious opportunity of winning a considerable amount of cryptocurrencies, which tend to rise in price, offering an even better return on your investment in the form of a ticket.

So, despite possible doubts about a lottery that does not involve drawing real balls on TV, and only having a graphic representation of the process, Bitcoin lotteries are absolutely trustworthy. The games built on the blockchain utilize the provably fair principle, meaning that the drawing process is defined by an algorithm, which selects winning numbers at random and can be verified by anyone.

The next improvement comes in the speed of transactions, which are almost instant, meaning your winnings will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet the moment your ticket turns out to be a lucky one.

Another feature of cryptocurrencies many gamblers value a lot is complete anonymity. So, you can win yourself some sweet Bitcoin jackpot, and no one will know it was you.

For many lottery fans, a weekly drawing is something like a special day. Nevertheless, there are those who are less patient and would like to try their luck without waiting so long for the next round. Bitcoin lotteries are the answer they are looking for, because the intervals may be much shorter here, sometimes with a drawing taking place every five minutes.

Final Words

If you are considering giving some Bitcoin lottery a shot, there is a crucial question of choosing one. Despite the trustworthiness offered by the provably fair principle, it may seem a bit too technical for some gamblers to check every game they find on the Internet, which many scammers use to their advantage and create fake lottery sites. So, never lower your guard and succumb to feeling too lazy to make a basic check. To help you discover decent Bitcoin lotteries, we have prepared a list of some great options. Check out or Jackpotjoy review, or consider starting with Mecca Bingo, Sky Bingo, and other cool sites we recommend for a chance to win Bitcoin.

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