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Bitcoin Lotto – Gem and Bitcoin Lotteries

Enjoyable Pastime with Bitcoin Lotto Starts Now

Are you sick and tired of the commonplace digital kinds of entertainment? If you are keen on trying some new games and kick your gaming experience up a notch, here are a couple of suggestions to think over. National lottery, crypto keno, Irish lottery, Bitcoin bingo, and even Delaware sports lottery – as you can see, the options are numerous! But this review is dedicated to an extremely engaging pastime – Bitcoin Lotto! It is a sort of innovation among the existing Bitcoin lotteries; so, dive in and see for yourself!

Bitcoin Lotto: Rules of The Game

Before we delve into details, let’s shed some light on the idea itself. Bitcoin Lotto is the kind of Bitcoin lotteries that reward their participants with royal prizes in real BTC! In case you are hesitant about getting involved in the draw because you’ve got no Bitcoins at all – chins up! You can enter with regular currencies and then convert it into e-coins. The basic principle is way too simple: you pay for the lines of your choice and then try to match the six winning numbers.

Bitcoin Lotto’s working principle replicates one of the regular lotteries. As you might have guessed, the more numbers you match, the higher your prize will be. To take part in the draw, a user has to sign up and select six numbers from the range of available 49 for each line. For those who do not like spending time on manual work, there is the Quick Pick feature. Activate it, and the numbers will be picked at random by the system. To be eligible for winning, you must guess at least two correct numbers. If you manage to guess all six – congratulations! The jackpot is yours!

Things That Make Bitcoin Lotto Stand Apart the Rest of Bitcoin Lotteries

A single look at the lottery’s jackpot is enough to understand why it is so popular with players. The platform offers you to compete for a whopping 1,000 BTC, and this number is going to grow according to operators. Not all Bitcoin lotteries can boast off such a lump sum, right? If you are curious about the rest of Bitcoin Lotto’s prizes, they are as follows:

  • 1.50 EUR for matching 2 numbers
  • 5 EUR for matching 3 numbers
  • 50 EUR for matching 4 numbers
  • 1 BTC for matching 5 numbers
  • 1,000+ BTC for matching 6 numbers

If your winning stays within the three lowers tiers, then you will be paid in regular currency, but if you have matched 5 or even 6 numbers, your reward can be paid either in fiat money or Bitcoins. Bitcoin Lotto verifies the exchange rate with BTC on the day of winning at 9:30 CET to state the amount of cash equivalent correctly.

So fabulous, indeed. But we should warn you about one thing before you decide to rush into this kind of entertainment. All prizes are fixed with the exception of the top prize. If there are several players who matched all 6 numbers, the jackpot will be divided into several equal parts. The fiat currency prizes are paid ‘as is’ regardless of the number of players who qualify for the same winning.

Easy Winnings with Bitcoin Lotto

The operators of the lottery pay the prizes in euros from the money that was raised during sales for the lottery. The amount you have won is transmitted to your account right away. If your winning falls into the category of top prizes, then the operator will take out insurance policy first, and then you’ll receive your coins.

Summarizing Bitcoin Lotto

As mentioned above, not all Bitcoin lotteries offer to win as much money as this one does. The eight-figure sum has won over numerous adventurers. If the same happened to you, test the waters yourself. Good luck!

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