Craps Using Bitcoin

One casino game takes time to master, but when you start playing and winning, you will adjust quickly to the chances to bet: craps.

When you wander up to the craps table at a physical casino, you will notice it is noisier than the slot machines and blackjack tables. People around the table cheer on the player who rolls the dice, knowing that anything can happen. In an online environment, with just you rolling digital dice, craps becomes more relaxed, and you are at leisure to study the options before you place a bet.

Bitcasino: Craps with Bitcoin

If you are now eager to play craps online, perhaps you want to make deposits using Bitcoin. In that case, you are encouraged to play the version at Bitcasino. There is no better game, and there is no better casino!

Betcoin Sports is a site which offers a version of craps. The graphics as the dice as thrown are excellent, while it is easy to navigate around the site. Payouts are frequent, and here are the odds and payouts which are issued on some of the most common wagers that gamblers bet on at the craps table.

Betting on ‘lucky seven’ will lead to a payout of 4 to 1. This is fairly generous, and a reward for your good luck. If you want to bet on a pair of 2s or 5s, the odds are 7 to 1; for a pair of 3s or 4s, the odds increase to 9 to 1.

It will be a payout of 15 to 1 if you roll a 1 and a 2 together or a 5 and a 6 together. For highs and lows, a pair of 1s or 6s give you odds of 30 to 1, so be lucky!

If like so many craps players you want to play many games in one session, ensure you activate the ‘Fast Play’ option. If you do, the animations move more quickly, meaning that you will enjoy lots of rolls of the dice without wasting any moments!

You can also adjust the values of the chips; if you love rolling low or high when playing craps online using bitcoin, you are comfortably in charge of the stakes you wager.

The Best Place to Play Bitcoin Craps

If you’re looking for one of the best sessions of craps online, get over to the Bitcasino website. There are so many games and opportunities to bet and, since they are one of the major sites allowing users to gamble using bitcoin, gamblers can take advantage of lots of extras. These include a nice bonus for signing up and plenty of ongoing bonuses when you deposit bitcoin in the casino.

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