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NFL Betting for Beginners: How to Understand Odds and Money Lines

If you are an NFL fan who decided to try sports betting, you are extremely lucky. This is a sport that can be easily located at any sportsbook, real-world or online, using traditional currency or Bitcoin. Betting on football can be unbelievably profitable, but it won’t do good to rely on your luck if you want to minimize your risks. In this article, you will find what a beginner needs to know about NFL betting lines.

Breaking Down NFL Betting Lines

Many people find NFL betting lines confusing, and they can be unless you get a brief and clear explanation of what it all means. And once you do, it will be much easier to try other sports betting options, since most sports utilize a similar concept. Below, you see what is called betting lines, and for NFL they usually consist of three numbers for each team.

Team No.1 +7.5 +205 42

Team No.2 -7.5 -165 42

The second team is an obvious favorite, we can see that by the minus sign, and bookmakers believe more people will be certain about its victory, placing their bets on it. The second team is an underdog with the odds that are meant to stimulate people to bet on it as well. It’s time to learn what each of those numbers is called and what it represents in sports betting.

Point Spread

This first number is point spread, and it requires guessing by how many points will one team lead or the other one lose. A half point is there to exclude a chance of you guessing the exact number, which would mean you are simply getting your money back.

So, for your bet on Team No.1 to be a winning one, the team needs either to win or if it loses, do so by no more than 8 points. It works a bit different for a favorite, and so, Team No.2 can only win by at least 8 points.

Money Line

The second number is a money line bet. This one is considered successful when the supported team wins. The numbers are tied to 100 for convenience. Betting on an underdog in our case will be very rewarding, and should that team win, you would get $165 for every hundred bet. This doesn’t mean that only wagers starting from and divisible by $100 are accepted. No, you can bet much less, and your winnings will be calculated proportionally. Now, if you decide to play it safe and choose a favorite as your bet, you will have to place $205 to win a hundred.

Clearly, this is not an easy choice, even if you are more than sure which team will end up with more points. Sports betting sites create this dilemma for bettors on purpose, to keep the balance so that they can later pay out to the winners from the money placed in wagers, not from their own pockets.


The third number is the same for both teams, as it represents an expected sum of final scores for both teams. Your goal is to guess whether the real number will go over that total or go under it. This number doesn’t show the odds, as most of the times they stay unchanged for this type of a bet, namely at -110.

Sites with Competitive NFL Odds

It’s obviously not possible to cover everything related to NFL sports betting in a short article, as even long guides can hardly do that, but it’s a start. Whether you want to gamble and pick the winner at random or analyze the team’s previous performance and various factors that could come into play, you can now do that.

But wait, you need a site to go to for that! Where do you find one? Or, better, several, so that you can bet wherever the odds are better for the current game. As an option, you can start with our reviews of the sportsbooks we have rated before. CloudBet, Betcoin Casino, 1xBit, FortuneJack, BitcoinRush, BitStarz – see if any of these renowned gambling sites satisfy your demands.

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