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Reading NBA Betting Lines Eyes Shut

The blockchain is gaining its momentum; no wonder Litecoin betting and BTC sportsbook services are now in full bloom. Trying to match with the fast-paced gambling industry development, a wide range of sports betting platforms started to accept encrypted coins in addition to fiat currencies. Nowadays, it’s a no-brainer for a sports fan to select a cryptocurrency sportsbook and put Bitcoin betting to test. What is your interest – MLB, NBA, MMA, NCAA, or NFL? In either case, the Internet can offer you a lot of sportsbetting platforms to choose from. This review is going to shed light on reading the NBA odds and will surely please the basketball fans. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

Why NBA Fans Should Be Learning Sports Betting Basics

If you are looking to conquer the blockchain sports betting space, it’s crucial to bear in mind that there are pitfalls and red flags to take into consideration. To rise to the occasion, you’ll have to study the odds and get to grips with the betting lines. The knowledge of the bet types, ‘favorites,’ and ‘underdogs’ will also be a plus. Let’s swallow one pill at a time and start with the bet types any cryptocurrency sportsbook has.

Briefly on NBA Odds and NBA Betting Lines

1. Moneyline

The majority of BTC sportsbook users prefer this type of bet over the remaining ones. The reason?  It is more comfortable and more convenient to wager with it.

It’s not rocket science to read the NBA odds, so let’s take a look at the following example. Names are real, and the numbers are random.

Denver -120

Indiana +170

Denver is a ‘favorite,’ which means that this is a potential winner of the matchup. Do you want to check your winning chances? Then you will be required to bet the amount of $120, and if Denver wins the game, you will get your 100 bucks back. Indiana is predicted to lose, so it is an ‘underdog.’ To sum up, teams with the “+” sign next to their names are underdogs, and the ones with the “-” sign are favorites. In the case of underdogs, you bet only $100, and if Indiana loses, you will win the full stake – $170.

Simple it seems, right? But you should approach sports betting with a clear head and avoid laying all your eggs in one basket.

2. Point Spread

Now, this type of bets is not for the noobs! Point spread requires you to wager on the winning margin of the victory. In other words, you are supposed to guess the winner, and by how much they’ll win. If we take the example from the previous paragraph and modify it a little bit, this sort of the NBA betting lines will look like as follows:

Denver -4

Indiana +4

In this case, the signs “+” and “-” mark the prospective losers and winners. If you bet your e-coins on Denver, the team needs to win by more than 4 points. Only in this case, your stake will be won. Concerning Indiana, the guys have to lose by less than 4 points or even win so you can get back the wagered amount.

It happens that the favorites win by 4 points, and this is called a push or a tie in the world of Bitcoin sportsbook users. This is a sure-fire sign that bettors will be returned their money. To avoid such an inconvenience, sports betting sites used to set the point spread on a decimal (-4,5, etc.).

Total Betting and NBA Odds

Total betting – or over/under – is about wagering on a cumulative outcome of the matchup. All points scored by two teams are put together, and it is necessary to predict whether the match outcome exceeds the stated number or not. In cases the final total replicates the prediction of the sports betting platform, the platform will return the stakes to their owners.

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