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DOTcoin Overview

Introduced in March 2014, DOTcoin (aka KimDotCoin) is another form of virtual funds by Cryptopia. In common with other cryptocurrencies, it’s a decentralized network on a basis of peer-to-peer technology. DOTcoin – or DOT – conducts transactions and distributes assets via its own network. Because of being a script-based digital …

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Where to Get Bitcoins

The Bitcoin popularity and value stably grow since its initial release in 2008. The typical methods of obtaining this digital currency are purchasing or mining from the exchange but these are somewhat expensive. Now, there are more ways to fill up your bitcoin piggy bank. Keep reading and discover how …

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BTC casinos with no deposit

The number of online gambling services and players increases daily with incredible speed. This is, of course, the main reason for competition between the services. Every site uses all possible means to attract players and keep them on the site for the longer possible time. Thus, they improve their support …

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Bitcoin BTC gambling casino

What is Bitcoin Bitcoin is a new kind of currency which has recently become extremely popular. The first information about it appeared near 2011. It differs from the traditional Dollar and Euro currencies because it works without the central bank and the operations only occur between users. The Bitcoin appeared …

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