Where to Get Bitcoins

The Bitcoin popularity and value stably grow since its initial release in 2008. The typical methods of obtaining this digital currency are purchasing or mining from the exchange but these are somewhat expensive. Now, there are more ways to fill up your bitcoin piggy bank. Keep reading and discover how to collect bitcoins for less without breaking a sweat.

Reward system

Rewards are precious. They are like an appreciation you’re willing to get for performing a certain action. For this purpose, in 2010, a well-known programmer Gavin Andersen has developed the Bitcoin faucets. These are the websites or applications that grant satoshi (a hundred millionth of one bitcoin or 0.00000001 BTC) to visitors for fulfilling a requested task.

The faucets grant bitcoins during the predefined time interval. No fees are charged for participation in the faucet, though the web location or app usually asks a user to create an account or do any other action in exchange for the rewarding bitcoin.

What’s more, bitcoin faucets offer a referral system which adds up to the value you procure. This way, by bringing people to the website or app and getting them to perform an action under the referral terms, you then receive a percentage of the BTC payout and grow your own funds.

Bitcoin job boards

Today, you can come across many organizations and companies that are ready to give you bitcoin for your service. If you want to raise your bitcoin income, you might consider the following venues:

  • Coinality has an uncommon approach in announcing the bitcoin jobs since they have a location-based listing. Even though their database isn’t huge, it is convenient for those who want to spot something locally.
  • The Bitcoin Talk forum is one of the biggest resources for temporary opportunities and jobs that pay for the service in bitcoin. There are plenty of jobs, from simple and quick to more intense offerings that pay back good sums.
  • The Jobs 4 Bitcoins community is yet another decent place that’s mostly targeted at programming specialists. However, you may look through some other offerings here that also pay out in bitcoin.
  • Bitgigs is a platform where you can try to contract for service, offer or receive one yourself. This is a well-organized and handy site that allows you to list the job you provide as well as wait to see who’s willing to perform it.
  • XBTFreelancer is a premium service for programmers looking to work for a bitcoin. This job board lets freelancers connect with each other, collaborate on offerings, post, and reply to jobs. The site works well for people with programming expertise and who want to be paid in bitcoin.

Online Tasks on Websites

Various sites are ready to pay off in BTC for the completed tasks. Here are some bitcoin paying places to note down:

  • BitVistor is where you can get bitcoins for the watched websites and videos. Basically, you have to spend 5 minutes reviewing a page or a video and then click through to the next page. They won’t ask you to provide any personal information, only the bitcoin address for the payouts. For performing such task, a user earns about 0.00001 BTC per page or video, which is a good money for such a simple task.
  • Freedigitalmoney.com also won’t need your personal data to do the job. This service pays you bitcoins for the made purchases. A pretty nice page to visit.
  • CoinWorker assigns analytical tasks that are paid in bitcoin after completion. You will be required to register with their service.
  • Bitfortip is a great forum where you can earn bitcoins for answering questions. You not only get payouts but learn many new interesting things while sharing knowledge about bitcoin with new and old users.

Bitcoin Loans on Crypto Trading Websites

Nowadays, there are many websites that operate as trading exchanges for all types of currencies. They serve as trading venues where users can exchange the cryptocurrency and traditional money between each other. The prices of bitcoin and other values jump up and down from time to time, so traders make money on such speculations.

Usually, the trading websites work with margin accounts and offer lending. This means that you can set up your account to lend out your bitcoins and earn the percentage they pay back on the loan. However, you may need to prove your ability to pay back the loan. Definitely, there is a risk of being fooled in case the exchange takes your bitcoins and disappears. A typical story has happened with the Mt. Gox exchange service. But really, this is more of an exception. It won’t be the case if you choose reputable trading venues where the payouts are substantial.

Bitcoin Tip

Do you own any online resource? Or let’s say you operate a website enjoyed by lots of readers. You can make the most of it by asking your users for a goodwill in the form of bitcoin tips. It is an absolutely free way to raise bitcoin. Simple add an address of your BTC wallet and accept tips from your audience for the nice service you give.

Also, you can use the CoinURL platform that offers you to place an advertisement on your blog or page and get bitcoin for the clicks.

Bitcoin Casino

Finally, gambling and bitcoin casinos serve as a very entertaining way to get biotin in form of bonuses and prizes. While there are many risks involved in the game process, you still can benefit from sign-up bonuses and generate a bitcoin in the games.

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